Friday, 27 August 2010


Today I was delighted to be chief chicken carer for my friend Nicky who has escaped to the this I was really looking forward to seeing as how I have been trying to persuade hubbie to get me half a dozen for the past year something he has so far not took me up on at all...I have high hopes in that direction.........
The day started well as myself and Will (age 6 ) Ellie (age 10 going on 21 but thats another story !! ) waded over in our wellies after a rainy night (again.... the rain not the wellies !) and simply pulled back the door to the coup and out they came muttering to themselves, very obviously " ... and what time do you call this then mrs chicken carer " !!!!!!! think they forgave me as we spread copious amounts of corn around and it was a truly lovely sight to see them pecking away !!
Annabel or so I believe the one with the prettiest feathers is called is having a broody week I have been told and how right as she spent large amounts of the day on her nesting box settling down to hatch a chick which never came ......... poor dear !! 
Will,  I think  would be a good chicken carer although I think we would have overweight ladies as he was rather generous with his handfuls of corn !!
Ellie was better suited to the fluffy rabbit who upto now is rather timid so we will have to work on that one tommorow........

The day was not very productive with just one egg which I did feel quite meany in sneaking when they were'nt looking ~ for fear of being branded a nest husttler ~ I was rather hoping the coop would be overflowing with eggs then I would have a very good argument for my own chickens..............I have a disused childrens playhouse just crying out to be turned into a chicken coop so will have to work my charms to get that one on the go !!

Have included a few piccies of our wonderful morning which Im sure Nickey wont mind and I look forward to the fruits of tommorow !!


Lay a little egg for me !!!

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