Friday, 27 August 2010


Today I was delighted to be chief chicken carer for my friend Nicky who has escaped to the this I was really looking forward to seeing as how I have been trying to persuade hubbie to get me half a dozen for the past year something he has so far not took me up on at all...I have high hopes in that direction.........
The day started well as myself and Will (age 6 ) Ellie (age 10 going on 21 but thats another story !! ) waded over in our wellies after a rainy night (again.... the rain not the wellies !) and simply pulled back the door to the coup and out they came muttering to themselves, very obviously " ... and what time do you call this then mrs chicken carer " !!!!!!! think they forgave me as we spread copious amounts of corn around and it was a truly lovely sight to see them pecking away !!
Annabel or so I believe the one with the prettiest feathers is called is having a broody week I have been told and how right as she spent large amounts of the day on her nesting box settling down to hatch a chick which never came ......... poor dear !! 
Will,  I think  would be a good chicken carer although I think we would have overweight ladies as he was rather generous with his handfuls of corn !!
Ellie was better suited to the fluffy rabbit who upto now is rather timid so we will have to work on that one tommorow........

The day was not very productive with just one egg which I did feel quite meany in sneaking when they were'nt looking ~ for fear of being branded a nest husttler ~ I was rather hoping the coop would be overflowing with eggs then I would have a very good argument for my own chickens..............I have a disused childrens playhouse just crying out to be turned into a chicken coop so will have to work my charms to get that one on the go !!

Have included a few piccies of our wonderful morning which Im sure Nickey wont mind and I look forward to the fruits of tommorow !!


Lay a little egg for me !!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Well " Ruby Tuesdays Vintage Home " has hit the news stand with an ad placed in Period Living magazine out today..........trouble is I am sooooo behind with loading the website with all the vintage goodies I have stocked up due to trying to entertain no less than four young children with some of the worst summer weather I can with not much on it ~ most items I did have on have sold through my ebay shop or antique centre this week but dont loose heart I have all manner of vintage goodies to load up the website with once the children have gone back to school next week and I can settle into some serious work here !!!

Have suitcases full of super vintage clothes from handmade 1920's lingerie, 1940's tea dresses and suits, delicate blouses, 1940's pj's, stilletoe shoes, handbags galore to mix in with loads of vintage jewellery from sparkly diamantes to chunky early plastic watch this space all will be revealed shortly.......also to follow are lots of vintage ladies toilet sets with some super talc tins ...........more welsh blankets and vintage curtains and some great original meat safes and sewing boxes ........... I cant wait to photograph and list them all but for now Im afraid its a childrens weekend of games and baking weather dependant of course !!

I have been pestering hubbie now for longer than I care to remember about getting some chickens, pref some rescue battery hens as being a veggie since 1990 animal welfare is big on my agenda,,,,,,but.........havnt managed to persuade him "yet" I have been left in charge of my good friend Nickys four lovely hens over the bank holiday weekend so I cant wait to wade in my wellies tommorow and pick up my first egg !!!!!!!!! just nipped over followed by two nosey children in pj's and dressing gown to put them to bed as living next to fields must beware of foxes and how delightful there they were all sitting ready in their coop for the night so all I had to do was shut the door !!!!!!!!!!!! how clever !!!!!!!! must remember to take my camera over tommorow and upload a few piccies of them....the hens not the children ha ha !!!
If I am lucky enough to get an egg or two tommorow boy wont my scrambled egg taste soooooooo much better..........

Have big plans to get this blog a tad more exciting for the vintage lovers out there seems Im going to be glued to my camera and computer over the coming months ~ never a dull moment......

As we live next to the fields were the hot air balloons go up thought I would treat you to this delightful view of one last week at 6am.......up up and away !!!!!!!!   

Up Up and away !!!!!!!!

A taster of vintage fashion to come........

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Well hello from Sunny Shropshire on one of the first sunny days we have had for a while.......I am totally new to "blogging" so please excuse my amateur attempts until I am finally up and running......what with trying to set this up along with my new website its been like the blind leading the blind as they say cos I dont know a thing I'm doing just seem to be feeling my way about but I'll get there in the end.......any tips from you professional "bloggers" out there in cyperspace very much appreciated..........I would like to know how to get music onto my blog, been playing around with it all afternoon but not quite got there yet so watch this space !!

Madly into "vintage" altho  when I started my collections in 1979/80 it was "antique" not vintage and anything less than 100 years old was frowned upon........I remember well lots of fellow traders telling me they woudnt give "bin-space" to my collections of Art Deco pottery but who had the last laugh on that one !!........I much prefer "vintage" and no snottyness about what era you collect........personally my tastes are varied and if I like something it sure doesnt matter to me what era it comes from........not much in our house is new apart from the obligatory white goods and computers ofcourse, all tvs are hid in cabinets (apart from the widescreen I finally gave into in the childrens tv snug  ).........we cook daily either from a vintage 1940's solid fuel rayburn or my beloved cream new world gas cooking range so you can see I am totally bonkers !!
My collections range from kitchenalia which is my big love,  to virtually anything you can imagine furniture, linens, quilts, jewellery, vintage clothes etc etc..........I mainly love Art Deco lady figures and lamps whilst hubbies soft spot is his bakelite radios and telephones the later of which he has been collecting, restoring and selling for over 20 yrs...........hes been doing a 3-day show in Llangollen Wales since friday so I await with bated breath what treasures he may bring home, no doubt something will have caught his eye ........

Well I hope to give this blog a more professional look over the coming weeks so do call back and see how I'm getting along............all suggestions on a post card please !! lol 

A quick piccie of my beloved gas cooking range although the kitchen has changed since this photo and with four children at home for the summer its certainly not that tidy this week !!